Master Lock Standard Lockout Tags - "Do Not Operate" Or Similar

Master Lock Standard Lockout Tags - ‘Do Not Operate’ Or Similar|Master Lock Standard Lockout Tags|Master Lock Standard Lockout Tags

SKU: S4202LEN to S4269LEN inclusive

The Master Lock Standard Lockout Tags are robust, durable tags that conform to OSHA lockout tagout standards, making them ideal for a variety of safety applications. Each tag measures 14.6 cm in height and 7.6 cm in width, and is constructed to accommodate all safety padlocks.

Key Features:

  • Each tag measures 14.6 cm in height and 7.6 cm in width.
  • Designed to be compatible with all safety padlocks.
  • Meets OSHA lockout tagout standards, ensuring compliance with safety regulations.
  • Crafted from hard-wearing polyester laminate, making the tags resistant to grease, water, and extreme temperatures.
  • Durable construction enables these tags to withstand over 50 lbs. (23 kg) of pullout force, aligning with OSHA’s stringent requirements.
  • The tags are designed to be written on, erased, and reused, offering versatility for multiple lockout scenarios.

Master Lock Standard Lockout Tags

S4202LEN – Do Not Operate
S4203LEN – Do Not Start
S4208LEN – Do Not Close Valve
S4214LEN – Do Not Open Valve
S4225LEN – Do Not Start This Machine
S4231LEN – Do Not Use
S4239LEN – Danger Live Wire
S4263LEN – Warning
S4264LEN – Warning Defective
S4265LEN – Warning – Out Of Order
S4266LEN – Do Not Switch On
S4267LEN – Do Not Switch On Under Maintenance
S4268LEN – Warning – Equipment Locked Out
S4269LEN – Warning – Electric Shock Risk

Included in the package is one bag containing 6 tags and 6 ties, providing essential components for secure tagging and compliance with safety protocols. These tags are an invaluable tool for enhancing workplace safety by clearly marking hazardous areas and equipment.

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