Master Lock Stainless Steel Hasp, up to 8 padlocks (25mm diameter)

Master Lock Stainless Steel Hasp

SKU: S431

The Master Lock Stainless Steel Hasp is a robust and dependable lockout device, capable of accommodating up to 8 padlocks, ensuring superior safety during lockout procedures. Crafted from premium 316 grade stainless steel, this hasp excels in resisting corrosion, UV damage, and extreme temperatures, making it ideal for various industrial environments.

Key Features:

  • Constructed from high-quality 316 grade stainless steel for exceptional durability and strength.
  • Designed to withstand harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures, corrosion, and UV exposure.
  • Features a 4mm diameter that is compatible with smaller lockout holes.
  • The dimensions of the hasp are 4.4cm x 13.3cm, with an inside jaw diameter of 2.5cm, allowing for versatile application across different settings.
  • Capable of holding up to 8 padlocks, each with a 6mm shackle diameter, to enhance security throughout lockout tasks.

This stainless steel hasp is not only sturdy but also designed for lasting use, providing a reliable solution for securing critical energy control points with multiple padlocks.

Hasp Installation (Standard and Hinged):

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