Long Tip Prod

Long Tip Prod

SKU: 121012/Colour

The Long Tip Prod is a reliable electrical probe enabling access to hard-to-reach, restricted areas and precise measurements for a variety of uses. It contends with an IEC 1010 rating of 1000 Volts Category II with double/reinforced insulation for safe operation. Equipped with standard 4mm socket at the backend facilitating connections, the Long Tip is accessible in regular red and black colors for effortless identification and 1:1 compatibility within electrical systems. Featuring long tip design and robust construction, the Long Tip probe delivers precise electrical assessments in otherwise unfeasible scenarios.

  • Features: Standard 4mm socket to rear.
  • Standard Colours: Black, Red
  • IEC 1010 Rating: 1000 Volts Cat II Double/Reinforced Insulation

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Long Tip Prod Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Long Tip Prod please refer to the product datasheet.