Lockout Safety Electrical Fuse Lockout

Lockout Safety Electrical Fuse Lockout


Introducing the Lockout Safety Electrical Fuse Lockout, a multi-purpose lockout device crafted from non-conductive nylon material. This innovative tool is designed to securely attach to fuse holders using a screwdriver, providing a reliable lockout solution for fuses ranging from 20 to 400 amps. With its ability to accommodate a single safety padlock, this fuse lockout ensures effective protection against unauthorised access or accidental energisation.

Key features of the Lockout Safety Electrical Fuse Lockout include:

  • Nylon plastic construction, offering non-conductive properties for enhanced safety
  • Compatible with fuse holders from 20amp to 400amp, making it a versatile choice for various applications
  • Securely attaches to the fuse holder using a screwdriver, ensuring a firm and stable lockout
  • Accommodates a single safety padlock, providing an additional layer of protection and personalised access control
  • Universal design, making it suitable for use across a wide range of fuse types and sizes

By utilising this fuse lockout device, professionals can maintain a safe working environment and prevent accidents or injuries related to electrical systems. Its durable nylon construction and user-friendly design make it an essential tool for any lockout/tagout protocol.

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