Megger L1071 Portable Locator

Megger L1071 Portable Locator

SKU: L1071

The Megger L1071 Portable Locator provides rapid, precise results through an easy to operate interface. The Megger L1071 Portable Locator is utilised to pinpoint buried piping and cabling in various situations. The Megger L1071 Handheld Locator has the capability to locate over long or short ranges, inductive or conductive, active or passive. Whereas the Megger L1070 portable locator employs disposable batteries, the L1071 necessitates rechargeable batteries.

Features of the Megger L1071 Handheld Locator

  • Incorporates an automatic 60 Hz detection feature as a precaution to pinpoint active underground mains and auxiliary utility lines.
  • Facilitates simultaneous comparison and selection of data on dual frequencies directly from the receiver, eliminating the requirement to revert to the transmitter.
  • Offers adjustable output power settings on the transmitter for flexibility.
  • Capable of emitting both AF and RF signals concurrently, or each on its own.
  • Employs a range of frequencies for versatile operation.
  • Measures the rate of current traverse in concealed conductors accurately.
  • Utilises both peak and null strategies for detection.
  • Allows for straightforward determination of depth up to 15 feet with a simple push of a button.
  • Passive detection at 60 Hz for enhanced safety.

Contents of the Megger L1071 Portable Locator Kit

  • Comprehensive instruction booklet.
  • The Megger L1071 Portable Locator itself.
  • A highly sensitive receiver.
  • Power-supportive rechargeable transmitter.
  • A set of red/black leads for connections.
  • Necessary batteries for immediate use.
  • Durable ground rod for stable placement.
  • AC charging unit for power replenishment.
  • Conveniently soft protective carrying case for transport and storage.

Optional Accessories for the Megger L1071 Portable Locator

  • Automotive-compatible DC charging device.
  • Portable folding ground return probe, ideal for identifying grounded faults.
  • Versatile inductive flexible coupler for enhanced connectivity options.

Megger L1071 data sheet

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Megger L1071 Portable Locator Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Megger L1071 Portable Locator please refer to the product datasheet.