Klauke HR13 Standard Crimping Die

Klauke HR13 Standard Crimping Die


The Klauke H-Crimp Crimping Die HAH13 is a premium quality accessory designed for electrical professionals seeking precision and reliability in their crimping tasks. Engineered to work seamlessly with Klauke’s range of crimping tools, the HAH13 model is specifically crafted to ensure high-quality crimps, enhancing the integrity and performance of electrical connections.

This crimping die is distinguished by its H-crimp profile, which is optimised for creating secure and durable connections in a variety of electrical conductors. The HAH13 is particularly suited for use in applications requiring a robust crimping solution, including power distribution, industrial electrical installations, and maintenance operations.

Constructed from high-grade materials, the Klauke H-Crimp Crimping Die HAH13 is built to withstand the rigours of daily use, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. Its precise engineering guarantees that each crimp is executed with exacting accuracy, resulting in superior electrical conductivity and mechanical strength.

Compatibility is a key feature of the HAH13, designed to integrate effortlessly with compatible Klauke crimping tools. This seamless integration not only simplifies the tool setup process but also enhances the overall efficiency and safety of the crimping operation.

Klauke HR13 data sheet

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Klauke HR13 Standard Crimping Die Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Klauke HR13 Standard Crimping Die please refer to the product datasheet.