Klauke HK 120/25 Crimper

Klauke HK 120/25 Crimper

SKU: HK12025

The Klauke HK 120/25 is an hydraulic hand-held crimping tool manufactured by Emerson Electric Co. for connecting cables and wires by metal crimped sleeves and terminals. It has an ergonomic padded grip handle with a safety trigger to operate the hydraulic mechanism that provides the crimping force.

The crimper has an adjustable crimping hexagonal die set that covers a crimping range of 25 to 120 square millimetres for insulated and non-insulated terminals and connectors. It weighs 3.5 kg with a length of 290 mm. The maximum crimping force delivered is 13 tonnes (128 kN) on the jaws with a return pressure of 2.5 bar.

The tool is versatile allowing crimping of various electrical connectors and lugs thanks to an interchangeable locator and applicator dies ensuring precise positioning and compression. The durable construction with all-weather resistant coating provides lasting performance with low maintenance for electricians and installers carrying out cable installations and terminations.

Overall, the Klauke HK 120/25 is an industrial-quality efficient hydraulic crimping tool that makes cable jointing jobs easier through its power, reliability and adjustable crimping capacity of 25 to 120 sq mm. It’s a go-to crimping solution for various applications in commercial and industrial wiring projects.

Klauke HK-120-30 data sheet

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Klauke HK 120/25 Crimper Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Klauke HK 120/25 Crimper please refer to the product datasheet.