Extech HDV650-10G HD VideoScope Plumbing Kit

Extech HDV650-10G HD VideoScope Plumbing Kit

SKU: HDV650-10G


Key Features of the HDV650-10G:

  • Equipped with a 10m waterproof camera probe with a flexible, fiberglass core (spool assembly).
  • Features a 25mm camera head offering a 60° field of view and long depth of field, enhanced with 12 built-in bright LEDs to illuminate problematic areas clearly.
  • Boasts a 5.7″ colour LCD TFT display with a high-definition resolution of 640 x 480 VGA pixels.
  • Encased in a rugged housing that is resistant to oil, chemicals, water, and impacts (IP67 rated).
  • Designed with non-slip ergonomic handles for comfortable ambidextrous use.
  • Includes an SD memory card to store more than 15,000 images.
  • Enables video recording (up to 4 hours) with voice annotation capabilities.
  • Provides AV output for direct monitoring on external screens.
  • Allows for easy transfer of videos and images to a PC via the included SD card or USB output.

The kit includes:

  • VideoScope unit and a 25mm camera probe.
  • SD memory card for extensive storage.
  • A 3.7V rechargeable Li-Polymer battery.
  • Patch cable and a universal AC adapter (110-240V, supplied with four plug types).
  • USB and AV cables for connectivity and output.
  • A robust hard carrying case for secure transport and storage.

Additional Variants in the HDV650 Series:

  • HDV650-10G kit also includes a 10m fiberglass cable spool assembly.
  • HDV650W-10G includes the 10m fiberglass cable spool assembly and a wireless transmitter.
  • HDV650-30G includes a longer, 30m fiberglass cable spool assembly.
  • HDV650W-30G comes with a 30m fiberglass cable spool assembly and a wireless transmitter, enhancing its functionality and reach.

This comprehensive kit is designed to support detailed inspection tasks in a variety of challenging environments, ensuring clarity, durability, and ease of use.


Extech HDV650-10G HD VideoScope Plumbing Kit Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Extech HDV650-10G HD VideoScope Plumbing Kit please refer to the product datasheet.