Greenlee Speed Punch Set ISO 16- 63


SKU: 52055440SET


The Greenlee Speed Punch System is suitable for?all Greenlee hand and battery-powered punch drivers.

There is no screwing and unscrewing the lock nut making the?Speed Punch System very quick and easy to handle.

The innovative clamp ?Speed Lock? and the robust draw stud make the ?Speed Punch System? up to 3-times faster than conventional punching tools.?In connection with the battery-powered punch driver LS50-L FLEX the Speed Punch System is the fastest punch system on the market.

No other punching system is as simple, fast and safe to us. Speed Punch is suitable for mild steel, plastic and aluminium up to 3,5 mm thickness.

Suitable for Mild steel (St37), plastic and aluminum up to 3.5 mm thick
Operation? Hydraulic
Predrilling Draw studs 9,5 mm, pilot drill 9,7 mm dia. 50360183
Draw studs 19 mm, pilot drill 20,5 mm dia. 50344030
Scope of supply Complete system consisting of draw stud, speed lock, punch and die in 7 sizes including plastic case?

Product Alternative:?Greenlee Speed Punch Set ISO 16- 40

It?s as simple as:

Slide die and punch onto draw stud.? Secure Speed Lock onto draw stud.? Punch hole. Save time and money every punch!?
Slide die and punch onto draw stud.? ?Secure Speed Lock onto draw stud. Punch hole. Save time and money every punch!?

Speed Punch System has following features:

Speed Punch System Features

Standard draw stud end ?? (19,0 mm).? Rugged, durable grooves hold up on the job? Matched die heights eliminate need for additional spacers.? “No-thread” punch design quickly and easily slides on/off draw stud.? SPEED LOCK mechanism quickly secures the entire system in place.?
Works with your existing hydraulic and battery-operated punch drivers? No more thread damage and costly down time.? Fewer extra parts to lose on the job site.? The fastest punch system on the market today? Punch more holes in less time.?


SPEED PUNCH System from Greenlee

The Greenlee SPEED PUNCH? System saves time and money on every hole, view demonstration below

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