Greenlee LS50-L FLEX Battery Operated Hole Punch



The Greenlee LS50-L FLEX Punch Driver is a hand tool used for making circular knockouts in electrical boxes, panels, and other metal enclosures to allow installation of conduit fittings, holes for outlets and switches, or other hardware. It uses Greenlee Quick Change die sets which fit into the hex-shaped drive shaft to cut clean holes from 1/2 to 3 inches in diameter.

The tool features a cushion grip handle and can punch through steel up to 14 gauge in thickness. Its flexible shaft allows offset driving to reach corners and confined spaces in enclosures. The LS50-L has a working length of 30 inches enabling it to access deep cabinets. Overall, it provides electricians and contractors a versatile way to knock round holes for conduits and other installations with an ergonomic and compact hand-held punch.

Klauke LS50-L-flex data sheet

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Greenlee LS50-L FLEX Battery Operated Hole Punch Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Greenlee LS50-L FLEX Battery Operated Hole Punch please refer to the product datasheet.