Megger (Programma) GOOSER IEC61850 Message Interface

Megger (Programma) GOOSER IEC61850 Message Interface



Megger GOOSE Message Interface – IEC 61850 Interface

The Megger (Programma) GOOSE IEC61850 Message Interface provides two physically isolated Ethernet ports to safeguard your network from unwelcome erroneous messages from your PC, as the isolated ports do not allow communication from the direction of the PC to the Network.

Programma GOOSE IEC61850 Message Interface message interface can convert IEC61850 GOOSE messages coming from the rear Ethernet port to physical binary output and it converts a binary input physical contact (voltage or contact) into GOOSE message publication. GOOSE message interface has 10 binary inputs and 10 binary outputs.

Programma GOOSE IEC61850 Message Interface Features

  • Adapts conventional relay test sets to the IEC61850 environment
  • Provides network troubleshooting for control engineers
  • Two physically isolated Ethernet communications ports safeguard the IEC61850 network
  • Includes robust and extremely easy to use ?PC Gooser? software
  • Allows seamless integration of SCL file and captured GOOSE messages for simplicity and advanced network troubleshooting
  • Configuration file and mapping information can be read directly from flash memory for stand-alone functionality
  • Possibility to use it with several relay test sets at the same time
  • Binary outputs are solid state and fully protected against incorrect connections and short circuits. These have strong breaking capacity to drive inductive loads like auxiliary relays.
  • LEDs provide immediate indication of status of several GOOSE messages

Megger GOOSER data sheet

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Megger (Programma) GOOSER IEC61850 Message Interface Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Megger (Programma) GOOSER IEC61850 Message Interface please refer to the product datasheet.