Goose foot



The goose-foot-shaped earth termination, made with 30 x 2 mm tinned copper tape, follows recommended lightning protection standards to achieve a low inductance earthing system. It includes a total of 4 meters of tape with 3 extensions, each measuring 7 meters in length.

Goose – foot shaped earth termination made with 30 x 2 mm tinned copper tape (4 m + 3 extensions of 7 m each).

The goose foot is a configuration recommended by lightning protection standards UNE 21186 and NF C 17-102 in order to obtain low inductance in the earthing system.

It consists of 30 x 2 mm tin-plated copper tape.

Goose foot Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Goose foot please refer to the product datasheet.