Fused Lantern Prod

Fused Lantern Prod

SKU: 121312/Colour

The Fused Lantern Prod is an essential and adaptable tool for electrical testing applications. It carries an IEC 1010 certification of 1000 Volts Category III with Double/Reinforced Insulation for safety. This prod is designed to be compatible with standard 4mm plugs and complies with GS 38 standards. Notably, it has an integrated fuse rated at 500mA/1000V/50kA, providing an extra layer of protection. Offered in conventional black and red colors, the prod simplifies identification during use.


  • Part No: 121312/Colour
  • Rated 1000 Volts Cat III, Double/Reinforced Insulation per IEC 1010
  • Standard Colours: Black, Red
  • Accepts common 4mm plugs
  • GS 38 Compliant
  • Integrated fuse rated at 500mA/1000V/50kA

This reliable and adaptable fused prod makes an excellent addition for professionals involved in specialized electrical testing procedures across various settings.

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