Fluke Extra battery (Ti32/TiR32)

Fluke Extra battery for Ti32/TiR32

Fluke Extra battery (Ti32/TiR32)


It is wise to get an additional battery for your Fluke Ti32 or TiR32 if you are doing a lot of survey work.

This Fluke Extra battery is for use with the Ti32/TiR32 series of Fluke thermal imagers (infrared or IR cameras).

Fluke Extra battery (Ti32/TiR32) FEATURES

  • Designed for industrial and commercial environments
  • -20 °C †’ +600 °C temperature range, ± 2 °C accuracy
  • High thermal sensitivity (NETD) identifies very small temperature differences
  • 9Hz image refresh rate
  • Automatic alignment (parallax correction) of visual and infrared images with Fluke IR-Fusion
  • Telephoto and wide angle lenses available separately for added versatility and special applications
  • One-handed focus capability, emissivity correction, reflected background temperature compensation, and transmission correction
  • Engineered and tested to withstand a 2 metre drop
  • Withstands dust and water – tested to an IP54 rating
  • Easy to navigate 3 button menu
  • Stores IR & visual images plus voice annotations on a 2GB SD card

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