Fluke a3001 FC Wireless iFlex? AC Current Module

Fluke a3001 FC Wireless iFlex AC Current Module

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State of the art portable wireless measurement collection system.

The The Fluke a3001 FC Wireless iFlex AC Current Module is a powerful wireless test tool that let you download, analyse and share test results data using the Fluke Connect? app with ShareLive? video call.
Thanks to that the system is very flexible, reliable and most importantly – safe because it will not put you in the harms way. The only time you will be required to be close to the measurement area and wear PP gear is when you will actually deenergise the area to attach one or more of the Fluke a3001 FC modules and then reenergise the system.
The advanced wireless functionality will allow you to download the measurements results to your Laptop or Smartphone and share them with members of your team.
Another advantage is that you are free to address different issues while your Fluke a3001 FC is recording and logging measurement data saving you time and earning you money.
You can perform long-term measurements to ensure no hidden faults exists in the system as Fluke Connect once started will start registering data. Then safely away from the hazardous conditions you can go through results on a convenient large screen of your laptop or PC.
The Fluke Connect will display the data in neat, graphical manner making it easier and more accessible to analyse.

The Fluke a3001 FC Wireless iFlex AC Current Module is a true-RMS current clamp meter that wirelessly transfers measurement data to other Fluke Connect? enabled master units that are listed below:

  • Fluke 3000 FC DMM
  • Fluke Ti200/300/400 Thermal Camera
  • PC via optional pc3000 FC Adapter
  • Fluke Connect Mobile app
  • The iFlex? Wireless Current Module allows you to measure around awkward sized conductors or get into tight areas

Fluke a3001 FC Wireless iFlex? AC Current Module Features:

  • Measure up to 2500 A AC currents
  • Use as a standalone meter or as part of the wireless logging system
  • Recording and saving up to 65,000 readings inn the logs
  • Inrush function

Fluke Connect is not available in all countries.
All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Smart phone, wireless service and data plan not included with purchase. First 5 GB of storage is free. Compatible with iPhone 4x and up running iOS 7 or higher, iPad (in an iPhone frame on iPad) and Galaxy S4, Nexus 5, HTC One running Android? 4.4.x or higher.

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