Fluke 190 Series III ScopeMeter? Test Tools

Fluke 190 Series III ScopeMeter? Test Tools

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The Fluke 190 Series III ScopeMeter Test Tools are meticulously designed to accompany you on-site, ably handling an array of troubleshooting tasks. These tools are rated CAT III 1000 V/CAT IV 600 V, fusing the high performance of bench oscilloscopes with rugged portability. This makes them perfect for the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of industrial machinery, automation processes, and power conversion electronics. They deliver precise performance from DC up to 500 MHz.

Fluke 190 Series III ScopeMeter Test Tools Overview:

These ScopeMeter Test Tools are suited for demanding settings, bringing the reliability of bench oscilloscopes into a portable form. You can pick from models offering two or four channels, with various bandwidth options available. They provide fast sampling rates up to 5.0 GS/s, 200 ps resolution, and deep memory of 10,000 samples per channel, allowing detailed and accurate waveform capture. The tools are adept at performing timing or amplitude-related measurements on three-phase or three-axis control systems, and they enable comparison of multiple test points within a single circuit.

Key Features:

  • Rated for tough industrial environments with CAT III 1000 V/CAT IV 600 V certification.
  • Capable of auto-capturing, viewing, and analyzing complex waveforms for efficient troubleshooting.
  • Features a large, vivid color display to enhance visibility in field conditions.
  • Includes USB and Wi-Fi capabilities to facilitate data analysis with FlukeView® software.
  • Offers up to four independent floating isolated inputs, each capable of handling up to 1000 V.

Advanced Functionalities:

  • TrendPlot™ Paperless Recorder and ScopeRecord™ Mode for tracking and recording data over time.
  • Connect-and-View™ Triggering and a unique 100-screen Replay function which significantly aid in diagnosing intricate, transient, or rapidly fluctuating issues.
  • Designed to simplify use in diagnosing complex waveforms, induced noise, intermittent events, signal fluctuations or drift.

This array of high-performance features ensures the Fluke 190 Series III ScopeMeter Test Tools not only meet but exceed the demanding requirements of modern industrial environments, optimizing both operation and cost-effectiveness.