Fluke 1663 Multi Function Tester

Fluke 1663 Multi Function Tester

SKU: FLK-1663 UK


This device is perfectly suited for professional users, blending comprehensive functionality and advanced measurement features with user-friendly operation. Its design is intuitive, making it easily accessible for users at all skill levels in field operations.

Measurement Capabilities:

  • Conducts continuity tests at L-N, N-PE inputs.
  • Capable of testing smooth dc sensitive RCDs (Type B).
  • Measures earth resistance.
  • Assesses voltage & frequency.
  • Checks wiring polarity to identify broken N wires.
  • Evaluates insulation resistance.
  • Tests continuity & resistance.
  • Can measure motor windings with the continuity test.
  • Determines loop & line resistance.
  • Calculates prospective earth fault current (PEFC/IK).
  • Estimates prospective short-circuit current (PSC/IK).
  • Times RCD switching.
  • Assesses RCD tripping level (ramp test).
  • Measures both trip time and current for RCD Type A & AC in a single test.
  • Features RCD variable current.
  • Includes an automatic RCD test sequence.
  • Incorporates a phase sequence indicator.

These extensive testing functions make it an essential tool for various electrical inspection and troubleshooting tasks, maintaining both simplicity in use and professional-grade accuracy.

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