FLIR T840 with 24° & 14° & 42° Lens


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The FLIR T840 Infrared Camera is expertly crafted to balance comfort and sturdiness, making it an indispensable device for professionals in electrical, utility, and various other thermography sectors who need to diagnose and identify failures effectively.

The FLIR T840 is engineered to address the challenges of conducting inspections in outdoor or bright conditions thanks to its vibrant 4-inch color display and integrated eyepiece viewfinder. For areas that are difficult to access, the T840 features an ergonomically designed 180-degree rotating lens platform, simplifying the process of reaching awkward spots. Additionally, to ensure precise temperature measurements for small targets or over substantial distances, there is an optional 6-degree telephoto lens available.

The camera is supplied with three lenses: 14-degree, 24-degree, and 42-degree lenses, providing versatility for a range of diagnostic needs.

This thermal camera has been developed to improve your efficiency in conducting detailed thermal assessments, ensuring reliability and ease of use in demanding environments.