FLIR T640 Infrared Camera

FLIR T600 series thermal imaging camera


The FLIR T640 is FLIR System’s advanced handheld thermal imaging camera at the top end of its infrared product range. It produces detailed, high-resolution thermograms to identify temperature or moisture issues in buildings.

Key features and specifications:

  • High resolution 640 x 480 infra-red sensor provides 76800 pixel thermal images for fine temperature measurement
  • Temperature range from -20°C to +650°C across scenes with accuracy of ±2°C
  • Lens with 30% extra field of view than standard T6xx series models
  • Large 4-inch touch screen makes capturing, editing and reviewing images intuitive
  • Extensive analytics through spot meters, area boxes and automatic hot/cold tracking
  • Communications via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB for seamless image transfer
  • Rugged, lightweight and portable with easy grip design

The FLIR T640’s superior thermography, connectivity and analytics make it ideal for advanced diagnostics by inspection professionals across building, electrical and mechanical applications.

It is FLIR’s top-of-the-range handheld thermal imaging camera prioritising high image fidelity through an ultra-high resolution sensor and extensive supporting functionality via software and connectivity. Priced at a premium, it offers the very best performance for thermography troubleshooting.

FLIR T600-series Infrared Camera model comparison

vs FLIR T600:

  • The T640 has a far higher infrared resolution at 640×480 pixels compared to the T600 at just 320×240 – allowing for much sharper, more detailed thermograms
  • The T640 is newer generation with an enhanced detector and image processing for clearer images with less noise or distortion
  • It has triple the pixels of the T600 which can make smaller temperature differences easier to spot in the thermal imagery

vs FLIR T620:

  • The infrared resolution and image quality is similar between the T640 and T620, both having 640×480 sensors
  • The T640 has a larger 4-inch responsive touchscreen compared to the T620’s more basic 3.5 inch LCD
  • Wireless connectivity is more advanced on the T640 with added Bluetooth and enhanced WiFi video streaming
  • The T640 is physically somewhat lighter and smaller than the T620 thanks to improved internal hardware

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