FLIR T620 Infrared Camera

FLIR T600 series thermal imaging camera


The FLIR T620 is a handheld thermal imaging camera manufactured by FLIR Systems. It is designed for various applications including building inspections, mechanical troubleshooting, and electrical preventative maintenance.

Some key features of the T620 infrared camera include:

  • Thermal sensitivity of <30 mK, allowing tiny temperature differences to be seen in thermal images
  • Infrared resolution of 640×480 pixels with a wide angle lens, providing detailed thermograms
  • Temperature range from -20°C to +650°C selectable by the user
  • Multiple measurement tools including spots, boxes, circles etc to analyse temperatures
  • An interface and menus designed specifically for building applications
  • Image capture, review and analysis tools as well as the ability to transfer images wirelessly via WiFi

The T620 produces clear, accurate thermal images that make it easier to identify and diagnose common building issues such as air leakage, missing insulation and moisture intrusion. Its analysis tools and connectivity options make reporting and sharing results straightforward for building inspectors and facilities managers.

FLIR T600-series Infrared Camera model comparison

Comparison to FLIR T600:

  • The T620 has a higher infrared resolution of 640×480 pixels compared to the T600’s 320×240 pixels. This allows the T620 to produce more detailed thermograms.
  • The temperature measurement range is wider on the T620, from -20°C to +650°C, versus the T600’s range of -20°C to +350°C.
  • The T620 incorporates laser-assisted autofocus for clearer images at all distances, which the T600 lacks.
  • Both models have the same thermal sensitivity of <30 mK but the T620 has additional analytics features for enhanced reporting.

Comparison to FLIR T640:

  • The infrared resolution is the same on both models at 640×480 pixels. Image quality and thermal detail is virtually identical.
  • The temperature range capabilities are also matched from -20°C up to +650°C on both units.
  • The T640 has a larger 4” touchscreen compared to the T620’s 3.5” non-touch display.
  • Wireless connectivity options are more extensive on the T640 with added Bluetooth support.
  • Image capture, analysis and reporting functions share most of the same tools between the T640 and T620 models.

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