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Discover the FLIR ONE Pro, a cutting-edge thermal imaging camera designed to help you quickly identify hidden issues in various settings, such as electrical systems, mechanical components, HVAC units, and water-damaged areas. This advanced FLIR ONE Pro-Series camera boasts a native resolution that is four times higher than that of the FLIR ONE Pro LT, ensuring superior image quality and clarity, further enhanced by the groundbreaking FLIR VividIR technology.

With the FLIR ONE Pro, you can:

Measure temperatures up to an impressive 400C (752F), more than triple the range of any other FLIR ONE model
Utilise powerful measurement tools to streamline your troubleshooting process
Detect temperature variances as subtle as 70 mK, thanks to its exceptional sensitivity
Identify water damage in a timely manner, preventing further deterioration
Troubleshoot mechanical systems efficiently, saving time and resources
Effortlessly inspect electrical panels, pinpointing potential problems with ease

Built to withstand the demands of professionals, the FLIR ONE Pro is an indispensable tool that will work tirelessly alongside you, empowering you to tackle even the most challenging tasks with confidence.