FLIR E50bx Buildings Infrared Camera

FLIR Ebx Thermal Imager


The FLIR E50bx is a compact infrared thermal imaging camera optimised specifically for applications in building inspection and diagnostics. It is used to identify air leaks, moisture intrusion, missing insulation and structural defects in buildings.

Key features suited for building surveys include:

  • Infrared resolution of 240 x 180 pixels generates 43,200 pixel thermal images
  • Temperature sensitivity range covers -25°C to 150°C typical of building environments
  • MSX overlay inserts visual image detail onto the infrared thermogram
  • Wide angle 34° lens captures entire rooms or sections of facades
  • Laser pointer highlights areas of interest in the field of view
  • Rugged enclosure rated to IP54 for robustness in outdoor surveys
  • Image manager software simplifies reporting of infrared inspection data

The FLIR E50bx produces enhanced thermograms by combining infrared and visual details through its proprietary MSX imaging feature. Its analytical tools like area and spot measurements help building professionals accurately diagnose moisture or insulation faults.

With robust construction and a user-friendly interface tailored to buildings work, the E50bx provides reliable and efficient infrared surveys of commercial or residential structures. Its degree of sensitivity, specialised capabilities and convenient form make thermal imaging viable for any building inspector.

FLIR Ebx Series Thermal Imaging Camera comparison

FLIR E30bx vs E50bx:

  • The E50bx has a far higher resolution infrared detector – 240×180 pixels over 80×60 pixels on the E30bx model. This allows greater thermal detail to be seen.
  • They share a similar temperature sensitivity ranging from -25°C to up to +550°C.
  • The E50bx incorporates MSX technology to overlay visual image details which the base E30bx lacks.

FLIR E40bx vs E50bx:

  • The E50bx surpasses the E40bx’s resolution with 240×180 pixels vs 160×120 pixels enabling more discernible thermal detail.
  • They share largely identical specifications otherwise – same temperature span, MSX imaging, accuracy, lens angle etc.
  • The E50bx adds a larger 3.5 inch touch screen rather than 2.8 inch non-touch display on the E40bx.

FLIR E50bx vs E60bx:

  • The E60bx has a wider 45° field of view lens over the E50bx’s 34° lens.
  • An integrated spotlight aids visual inspection on the E60bx model.
  • The E60bx touch screen is slightly bigger again at 4 inches vs 3.5 inches.

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