FLIR Battery for EXX Series

FLIR Battery For EXX Series

SKU: T197752

The FLIR Battery for EXX Series is an essential accessory for your FLIR thermal imaging camera, ensuring that you have the power you need to complete your surveys without interruption.

Compatible with the FLIR EXX Series of infrared (IR) cameras, this battery offers the following features:

  • A battery capacity of 4.4 Ah at +20°C (+68°F), providing ample power for your imaging needs
  • Compact dimensions of 78 × 40 × 22 mm (3.1 × 1.6 × 0.9 in.), making it easy to carry and store
  • Lightweight design, weighing only 0.11 kg (0.24 lb.), adding minimal bulk to your imaging setup
  • Wide charging temperature range from 0°C to +45°C (+32°F to +113°F), allowing for convenient charging in various environments
  • Battery storage temperature range of −40°C to +70°C (−40°F to +158°F), ensuring the battery can withstand extreme conditions
  • Operating voltage of 3.7 V, compatible with the power requirements of the FLIR EXX Series cameras

Invest in the FLIR Battery for EXX Series and have the confidence that your thermal imaging camera will always be ready when you need it most.

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