FlexiBarrier Belt Stanchion - Outdoor 1050 - (10.6m belt)

FlexiBarrier Belt Stanchion - Outdoor 1050 - (10.6m belt)

SKU: OD1050

The FlexiBarrier Outdoor 1050 is a practical and cost-effective option for forming extended straight barriers or expansive cordons. This model stands out with its lengthy 10.6-meter belt, significantly reducing the number of barriers required compared to the typical 2.3-meter industry standard. This efficiency results in lower initial costs, quicker setup times, and minimized requirements for transport and storage space. Constructed for durability and stability, the Outdoor 1050 features a robust recycled rubber base and is well-suited for outdoor environments. The unit is portable, thanks to a convenient handle, and each post includes a receiver for attaching belts from any direction, enhancing its versatility.

Key Features:

  • Long, integrated retractable belt measuring 10.6 meters, facilitating fewer posts for extensive barrier setups.
  • Sturdy, recycled rubber base designed for outdoor use, delivering excellent stability.
  • Each post has a receiver that allows for incoming belts from various directions.
  • Built-in handle enhances mobility, making the barrier easy to reposition as needed.

What’s Included:

  • One rubber base,
  • One steel post,
  • One fastening bolt for securing the base to the post,
  • One integrated retractable belt with a 10.6-meter length,
  • One universal belt end for seamless connection to the next post.

Available in striking color combinations of Yellow-Black or Red-White, the FlexiBarrier Outdoor 1050 provides a reliable solution for quickly establishing secure work zones or public barriers. It offers long-term cost savings due to the reduced number of posts needed and is ideal for outdoor applications where durability is paramount.