SebaKMT ESG NT - Digital Earth Fault Locator



The SebaKMT ESG NT is a digital earth fault locator that utilizes the step voltage method to precisely locate faults in cable sheaths. It detects and eliminates various underground distortions, automatically adapts to input voltage levels, and features a high-contrast color display for clear visibility. With high sensitivity, automatic signal filtration, and convenient zero calibration, it offers efficient and accurate fault location capabilities.

Pinpointing is the precise location of faults in the cable sheath. These faults cause the measuring current to flow into the ground. When it exits the cable at the fault point, the measuring current builds a voltage gradient. This voltage gradient can be measured by earth rods and earth fault locators.

The exact location of sheath faults is done by the step voltage method – the step voltage potential increases as it approaches the fault point, decreasing with reversed polarity after it passes the fault. It is the change in polarity that allows the exact location of the fault to be determined.

Other existing underground distortions such as potential equalisation current, DC offset, 16 2/3 Hz or influences of cathodic protection systems are automatically detected and eliminated. The automatic zero calibration maintains display calibration continuously at zero.

The ESG NT adapts automatically to the input voltage level. The ESG NT also has an automatic pulse detection, which allows working with almost any type of pulse generator.

SebaKMT ESG NT – Digital Earth Fault Locator Features Include:

  • High-contrast color TFT, 320 x 240 pixels Display 
  • 5 ?V ? 200 V Sensitivity 
  • Suppresion of disturbances: 50/60 Hz, 16 2/3 Hz, KKS, DC
  • Very high sensitivity
  • Automatic adaptation to voltage level
  • Automatic fi ltration of interfering signals
  • Automatic zero calibration, no adjustments necessary
  • History mode
  • High-contrast color display

SebaKMT ESG NT – Digital Earth Fault Locator Datasheet

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SebaKMT ESG NT - Digital Earth Fault Locator Datasheet

For additional technical details about the SebaKMT ESG NT - Digital Earth Fault Locator please refer to the product datasheet.