Klauke EK 120/42 CFM & CFB Crimper


SKU: EK 120/42 CFM & CFB

The Klauke EK 120/42 CFM & CFB model, a battery-powered crimping device, weighs a mere 6.8 kg and is designed for crimping cable lugs ranging from 10mm to 400mm2. This tool stands out by requiring 60% fewer crimping operations for wide crimping compared to 6 ton tools, and is adept at crimping double entry lugs as well as H crimps, which are frequently used in earthing grids.

Key Features of the Klauke EK 120/42 CFM & CFB Battery-Powered Crimper:

  • A well-balanced design for effortless handling
  • Features an open C-crimping head that can rotate
  • Comes with an integrated Crimp pressure monitoring system (IPS)
  • Workspace is illuminated by LED lighting
  • Incorporates a Retraction Stop feature ensuring the jaws halt in the precise position
  • Equipped with a multi-functional LED for monitoring battery life and service requirements
  • Can achieve up to 110 crimps per battery charge (using 150 mm2 Cu)
  • Powered by a robust 3.0 Ah Li-Ion battery

Kit Contents of Klauke EK 120/42 CFM & CFB:

  • The Klauke EK 120/42 CFM & CFB battery-powered crimping tool
  • Includes one 18V / 3.0 Ah, Li-Ion battery (54Wh)
  • A quick charger for 18V Li-Ion batteries
  • Supplied in a durable carrying case

Klauke EK120-42-L data sheet

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Klauke EK 120/42 CFM & CFB Crimper Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Klauke EK 120/42 CFM & CFB Crimper please refer to the product datasheet.