EC-2VA Single Phase Voltage & Current Logger

EC-2VA Single Phase Voltage & Current Logger


The EC-2VA Single Phase Voltage & Current Logger is an essential tool for power facilities management, distribution companies, and maintenance engineers involved in electrical or site services. It is specifically designed to monitor variations in both voltage and current, enabling users to identify whether low voltage issues are due to high current demands onsite or if they stem from the power supply to the site. Suitable for use with cables up to 140mm, this logger and its accompanying Rogowski Coils ensure comprehensive monitoring and data gathering.

Key Features of the EC-2VA Single Phase Voltage & Current Logger:

  • Well-suited for industrial logging.
  • Voltage range up to 300Vrms.
  • Current range up to 300A.
  • Compatible with Rogowski Coils that accommodate 140mm cables.
  • Voltage accuracy of ±2% of reading (at 10 bit) within 90Vac to 300Vrms, and ±3% outside this range (50/60Hz ±2%).
  • Current accuracy typically 2% of range.
  • CAT Rating of 1000V CAT III, and 600V CAT IV.
  • Variable recording periods, from 1 second to 60 minutes.
  • Complies with the EN50160:1994 recording standard.
  • Environmental sealing rated at IP65 as standard.
  • Dimensions and weight: 145x90x45mm & 500g.

EC-2VA Kit Includes:

  • Data Logger.
  • Voltage Input Lead.
  • Rogowski Coil.
  • RS-232 serial lead.
  • Electrosoft software for data analysis.
  • A durable carry case for transportation and protection.

This comprehensive setup not only facilitates precise monitoring and troubleshooting but also aids in documenting data that could be critical for discussions with power suppliers. This logger is especially valuable for identifying the root causes of voltage fluctuations and ensuring efficient power management.

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