DR-C50 Series

DR-C50 Series


The DR-C50 Series transformer monitors offer customer-configurable features, including basic cooling control, Voltage control, OLTC/LTC monitoring, and advanced options for integration with external devices, providing an economical solution for various transformer applications.

Configurable Solutions for Transformer Monitoring, Control and Communication

The DR-C50 Series of transformer monitors is a comprehensive monitor that is designed to be customer configurable, providing an economical solution for utilities? monitoring, control and communication needs. Functionality includes basic cooling control with or without Voltage control, with or without OLTC / LTC monitoring and annunciation functions.

Advanced options include serial links, or Powerline Communications (PCS) to external devices for integration of on-line DGA, bushing and direct measurement of the transformer winding temperature via fiber optic sensors.

The product is provided with standardized wiring diagrams and is user configurable allowing a cost effective solution for most basic transformer applications.

DR-C50 Series Features & Benefits include:

  • Flexible & Modular Hardware Platform
  • Cooling Monitoring and Control
  • Voltage Monitoring and Control
  • Annunciator Functions
  • Multiple Secure Communication Options


  • Temperatures – Top Oil, Bottom Oil, Winding Hot Spots, Ambient
  • Cooling System – Fan/Pump Current, Contactor Status, Loss of Power
  • OLTC – Position, Operation Counters, OLTC Differential, Motor Current, Contact Wear, Reversing Switch Operation, Hunting
  • DGA & Moisture – Active Moisture Model, Serial or Ethernet Link to Sensor(s)*
  • Alarms – Built-in Annuciator, Major/Minor Groups
  • Data & Event Logging – Chronological Data Log, Alarm Log


  • SCADA Communication


    Connections: Fiber, RS-485, RS-232 or Powerline Communications, (PCS)
    Protocols: DNP 3.0, ModbusEthernet:
    Connections: Fiber, Copper or Powerline Communications, (PCS)
    Protocols: IEC-61850, DNP 3.0, ModbusSCADA Test Utility
  • Secure HTML Browser-Based Graphical Display – Built in security features include multi-level password protection, HTTPS, SSH & SFTP encryption
  • Ethernet Switch Function


  • Cooling Control:
    Predictive Turn On
    Fail-Safe Configurable
    Fan Sequencing
    Fan/Pump Test
    Variable Speed
    Dual Speed Control
    On When Energized
  • Voltage Control:
    Paralleling Options – Master/Follower, Circulating Current, Reverse Reactance
    Voltage Graphing Display

Download DR-C50 Series Datasheet

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DR-C50 Series Datasheet

For additional technical details about the DR-C50 Series please refer to the product datasheet.