Deluxe Fused Probe Kit

Deluxe Fused Probe Kit

SKU: 131009/Termination

The Premier Fused Probe Kit is engineered for superior electrical testing capabilities. This kit boasts a dual layer silicone cable spanning 1.2 meters, highlighted by bi-colored exteriors for enhanced visibility and resilience. It’s structured with a 1.5mm² cross-sectional area and incorporates a highly flexible copper core, ensuring ease of use.

Certified with an IEC 1010 rating of 600 Volts Cat III/1000V Cat II for Double/Reinforced Insulation, it guarantees top-notch performance coupled with safety. The kit’s compliance with GS 38 standards confirms its broad acceptance and utilisation across the sector. Capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -10°C to +150°C, it adapts effortlessly to diverse working environments. Its fuse is rated at 500mA/1000V/50kA, making it adaptable for various fuse-related tasks. In essence, the Premier Fused Probe Kit stands as a reliable and multifaceted instrument for electrical experts.

Premier Fused Probe Kit

Part No: 131009/Termination
IEC 1010 Rating: 600 Volts Cat III/1000V Cat II Double/Reinforced Insulation
Compliant with: GS 38 Standards.
Renowned and endorsed across the Industry.

Cable: 1.2 Metre Double Skin Silicone, Bi-coloured.
Cable Specs: 1.5mm² cross-sectional area, exceptionally pliable copper core.
Operational Temperatures: From -10°C to +150°C.
Fuse Specifications: 500mA/1000V/50kA.
Presentation: Encased in a silver wallet.

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Deluxe Fused Probe Kit Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Deluxe Fused Probe Kit please refer to the product datasheet.