DD220/DD230 SMART Utility Locators Solution

DD220/DD230 SMART Utility Locators Solution

SKU: DD220/230

The DD220/DD230 SMART Utility Locators Solution with DX Shield software offers on-site safety, usability, and performance analysis. It provides easy-to-read reports for efficient product use and helps businesses identify training needs to protect personnel, assets, infrastructure, and company reputation.

DX Shield software focuses on on-site safety and usability. This allows organisations to gain an understanding of both performance and site complexities.

Easy to read reports provide fast and efficient product use overviews.

Businesses can identify training and skills gaps. This will help to:

  • Provide insights into equipment use.
  • Protect personal, assets, infrastructure and company reputation.

DX Field Shield

Allows for the fast and effective transfer of locator data and documentation.

  • Connects field activities to DX Manager Shield and DX Office shield
  • The software is available on both Smartphones and tablets.

DX Office Shield

Provides information on product configuration, maintenance and user analysis.

  • Connect to CalMaster and link to the web for web calibration verification.
  • Update product firmware and settings
  • Processes & reports on locator usage information
  • Operates on Windows PC systems

DX Manager Shield

This creates visualise reports on locator use and site documentation in near real-time.

  • A centralised and accessible information sharing portal.
  • Processes & reports on locator usage information
  • Ideal for storing site documentation and site photos.
  • Use Standard, Pro or Expert levels depending on your business requirements.