Megger DCM330 Fork Multimeter



The Megger DCM330 is a digital clamp multimeter (DCM) that can measure a variety of electrical parameters. Some key things to know about it:

  • It is a fork-style clamp meter, which means it has jaws that can clamp around a conductor to measure current without having to break the circuit. This allows for safe and easy current measurements.
  • It can measure AC/DC voltage up to 600V, AC/DC current up to 400A, resistance up to 40MΩ, frequency, continuity, diode test, and temperature.
  • It features a large backlit LCD display to clearly show measurements. The display can also show minimum, maximum, and average readings.
  • Cat III 600V safety rating allows it to safely measure distribution circuits and panel boards.
  • Includes low pass filter for accurate voltage and frequency measurements on adjustable speed motor drives and other noisy electrical systems.
  • Auto power off helps conserve battery life.
  • Comes with test leads, clamp, batteries, carrying pouch, and user manual.

In summary, it is an advanced, fork-style clamp meter for electricians and technicians to safely and accurately troubleshoot a wide range of electrical parameters in industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Its robust design and CAT III safety rating allow use in high energy systems.

Megger DCM330 data sheet

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Megger DCM330 Fork Multimeter Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Megger DCM330 Fork Multimeter please refer to the product datasheet.