CATU Life Wall-mounted Life Saving Kit

CATU Life Wall-mounted Life Saving Kit


The CATU Life Wall-mounted Life Saving Kit is a crucial safety apparatus designed for rapid response in the event of electrical accidents. This indispensable safety solution is tailored for environments where electrical hazards are present, including industrial sites, construction areas, and utility facilities. It provides immediate access to essential life-saving equipment in one compact, easily accessible unit.

This comprehensive kit is meticulously assembled to offer a range of emergency tools and protective devices. Key components typically include an insulating stick for safe handling of electrical equipment, a voltage detector to assess the presence of live electrical circuits, an insulated rescue hook for safely moving a victim away from electrical hazards, and a face shield to protect rescuers from arc flash and other dangers during the rescue process.

The CATU Life Wall-mounted Life Saving Kit is designed with visibility and accessibility in mind. Its wall-mounted feature ensures that it can be installed at strategic locations across a facility, making it easily accessible in emergency situations. The bright, easily recognizable casing stands out in industrial environments, ensuring that workers can quickly locate the kit when every second counts.

Durability is also a hallmark of this kit. The housing is constructed to withstand the harsh conditions often found in industrial settings, ensuring that the life-saving equipment inside remains protected and ready for use. This focus on durability extends the lifespan of the kit and guarantees that it will be ready to perform when needed.

CATU Rescue Kits data sheet

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CATU Life Wall-mounted Life Saving Kit Datasheet

For additional technical details about the CATU Life Wall-mounted Life Saving Kit please refer to the product datasheet.