Socomec COUNTIS E20/E21 Energy Meter

Socomec COUNTIS E20/E21 Energy Meter

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The Socomec COUNTIS E20/E21 Energy Meters is a modular compact whole current three phase or single phase pulse output energy meter.

The Socomec COUNTIS E20 is a totalising meter allowing direct reading of the power consumed, using a pulse output. A partial meter with reset allows the energy to be metered over a specific period. The Socomec COUNTIS E21 also offers the option of taking two different invoice tariffs into account. In this case, two partial meters are available.

Socomec COUNTIS E20/E21 Energy Meter specifications

  • 63 Amp Three phase or single phase network direct connection
  • Three phase, 4 wires x 230/400 V; Three phase, 3 wires 230 V or 400 V
  • Pulses output
  • MID EN50470 module B+D class B certification
  • Single phase;  230 V +/- 15%
  • Self powered
  • kWh total/partial
  • Multi Tariff
  • Active Power Measurement [kW]
  • Wrong connection indication
  • Phase/Neutral inversion protection
  • IEC 62053-21 cl 1, IEC 62053-11 & IEC 62053-31, IEC 61557-12
  • Conformity to EN50470-3 class B 
  • Metrological LED
  • Sealing cover (Optional)
  • Size (4 modules)

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Socomec COUNTIS E20/E21 Energy Meter Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Socomec COUNTIS E20/E21 Energy Meter please refer to the product datasheet.