Conductiver Plus


SKU: AT-010L

CONDUCTIVER PLUS is a non-corrosive and ecological gel that improves soil conductivity. It creates partially ionized electrolytes with high charge and water retention capacity, forming gels. The gel remains in the ground for an extended period by forming bonds with the particles. It increases ground conductivity for one year, even with significant rainfall. Importantly, CONDUCTIVER PLUS does not cause corrosion of the earth electrode and is environmentally friendly.

CONDUCTIVER PLUS. Non – corrosive and ecological gel that improves soil conductivity.

CONDUCTIVER PLUS is a ground enhancing gel with low solubility which is, nonetheless, very hygroscopic.

CONDUCTIVER PLUS is characterised by:

  • Its capacity to create partially ionized electrolytes, with a high charge and capacity to retain water and form gels.
  • Remaining in the ground for a long time, thanks to the formation of bonds with the particles.
  • Increasing the conductivity of the ground for one year (considering rainfall of 700 litres/m2 ).
  • Not causing corrosion of the earth electrod
  • Being totally ecological.

Conductiver Plus Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Conductiver Plus please refer to the product datasheet.