Cable Piercer

Cable Piercer

SKU: 121046/Colour

The Cable Piercer is an indispensable tool tailored for automotive uses. It is offered in classic colours, black and red, and is designed to fit all standard 4mm plugs seamlessly. This tool is specifically crafted for executing safe voltage piercing, making it essential for tasks that involve penetrating cables without compromising safety. The specialised design of the Cable Piercer makes it a top choice for automotive professionals and enthusiasts who need a dependable tool for their electrical tasks.

Details of the Cable Piercer include:

  • Part Number: 121046/Colour
  • Available in standard colours: Black, Red
  • Compatible with all standard 4mm plugs
  • Ideally suited for automotive applications
  • Note: It is recommended solely for safe voltage piercing

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Cable Piercer Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Cable Piercer please refer to the product datasheet.