Cable Detection EZiTEX xf Signal Transmitter


Cable Detection EZiTEX xf Signal Transmitter


The EZiTEX xf Signal Transmitters are the latest in cable location design, delivering a higher power output than previous models with the addition of extra low tracing frequencies. This will allow users to:

  • Trace services over a greater distance.
  • Improve service detection in areas of high signal interference.
  • Improve depth estimation when using a depth locator.

EZiTEX xf Flexibility

Compact design with an IP65 rating, the transmitter is fully protected even in the harshest of conditions.

EZiTEX t100xf
Producing up to 1 watt of power

EZiTEX t300xf
Producing up to 3 watts of power

Choice of tracing frequencies:

512 Hz & 640 Hz
Enables long distance tracing.

8 kHz
Mid range distance tracing.

33 kHz
Standard tracing frequency on avoidance locators, used for everyday site use.

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