Cable Detection EZiCAT i700 series

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The Cable Detection EZiCAT i700 series is an intelligent GPS, data logging cable locator range designed to enhance safety on excavation sites. With state-of-the-art digital signal processing technology, automatic controls, hazard zone feature, data logging, and Bluetooth connectivity, these locators provide accurate utility detection and help prevent accidental damage to buried utilities, ensuring a safe system of work.

Intelligent GPS, Data Logging Cable locators

Every year site workers are injured due to inadvertently striking buried utilities such as electricity cables or gas pipelines. A safe system of work prescribes the use of a locating device before any kind of excavation takes place.

The new EZiCAT range comprises of EZiCAT i700, EZiCAT i750 and EZiCAT i750 xf. The 700 series is the next generation of i-Series Locators. 

EZiCAT i700 series Benefits

  • State-of-the-art digital signal processing technology (DSP).
  • Automatic controls 
  • Power Mode start up 
  • Hazard Zone feature 
  • In-built test function 
  • LCD screen
  • Service Due Indicator 
  • Data Logging 
  • Bluetooth Connectivity

EZiCAT i700 series Flexibility

The EZiCAT 700 series locators have multiple modes of operation allowing users to have maximum control at their fingertips.

Auto Mode
Automatically locates power, radio and 33 kHz signals, helping to confirm the presence of services upon initial site occupation making cable detection easier and safer.

Transmitter Modes (8 and 33 kHz)
Locates a specific signal applied by the EZiTEX dual frequency signal transmitter to a metallic underground conductor.

Radio Mode
Traces signals originating from distant radio transmitters. These signals penetrate the ground and are reradiated by buried conductive services.

Power Mode (Default mode)
Locates power signals mainly radiated by the energised cables which pose the most significant risk to excavation teams.

EZiCAT i700 series Intelligence

Hazard Zone
Buried utilities close to the surface pose a safety risk to site works. The Hazard Zone function provides an additional warning of the close proximity of buried services, alerting users to the immediate danger.

Pinpoint Assist
Maintains the highest peak reading obtained on the signal strength indicator. The peak hold time can be adjusted between 0 ? 5 seconds allowing the operator to quickly and accurately pinpoint the service position.

Signal Strength Indicator
SSI enables the user to trace an individual service amongst a multiple of services. The numeric display shows the highest reading over this service, which has the EZiTEX signal transmitter connected too. This ensures the user can follow the service without straying onto another. The SSI mode can also be used to trace the Dual Frequency Sonde with ease.

The benefits of data logging in five steps

See better results, more comprehensive ground surveys and a reduction in buried service strikes.

  1. Conduct ground survey as normal, data will be automatically gathered
  2. Send logged data to Bluetooth enabled PC
  3. View EZiCAT usage statistics, charts and maps
  4. Make informed decisions to efficiently manage EZiCAT fleet and operator training
  5. Implement changes to procedures for better results

EZiCAT records and stores information whilst in use including:

  • GPS Positioning
  • Time and Date
  • Usage Duration
  • User Identification
  • Detection Mode
  • Service Detection
  • Diagnostic Check
  • Management Reports

Model Range

EZiCAT i700 EZiCAT i750 EZiCAT i750xf
EZiCAT i700  EZiCAT i750  EZiCAT i750xf
GPS Technology
Provides the geographical position of use.

Data Logging
Records and store information whilst in use. Includes the geographical position and survey findings.

Wireless connection to download the memory log files and integrate into Survey Grade GIS systems

All the features of EZiCAT i700 plus

Depth Indication
The EZiCAT i750 features utility depth indication, when used in conjunction with the EZiTEX or Sonde in 8 or 33 kHz modes.

Operators can determine the depth of the buried utility, providing an advantage when conducting ground surveys.

All the features of EZiCAT i750 plus

Multiple Frequencies (including 512 Hz & 640 Hz)
Easily locate low frequency camera Sondes and trace services over greater distances.

Current measurement reading
Enables improved tracing and identification of an individual service in congested site situations.

Mode Lock
The locator starts in the last mode of use assisting the tracing process when using the EZiTEX transmitter.

Increased Sonde Depth
Operators can determining the depth of a compatible sonde down to 9.99 metres

Cable Detection EZiCAT i700 Series Datasheet

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