Triple 27 38

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The Dutchclamp Triple 27-38 is specifically engineered for arranging three low, medium, or high voltage cables in a triangular (trefoil) formation. It accommodates cables with outer diameters ranging from 27 mm to 38 mm.

Key Features:

  • Constructed from polyamide (PA) reinforced with glass fibre for enhanced durability.
  • Offers resistance against oils, UV radiation, ozone, salt, moisture, acids, and even nuclear radiation.
  • Features V-0 (UL94) self-extinguishing properties and is halogen-free.
  • Operates effectively within a temperature range of -40°C to 120°C.
  • Equipped with mounting holes of 15.5 mm diameter, suitable for using threaded rod couplers to extend the rods as needed, facilitating damage-free mounting of multiple cable layers. This feature ensures that expanding your setup is straightforward, cost-effective, and efficient.
  • Includes an additional mounting hole on the bottom part for easy installation using either a stud bolt or a regular bolt.
  • The unit is stackable, maximizing space efficiency.
  • Available in black.
  • Comes pre-mounted.
  • Tailor-made fastening materials are available to suit specific installation needs.

This clamp system is ideal for securely organizing cables in electrical setups, ensuring longevity and reliability of your installations.

Dimensioned sketch

Type Triple 27 – 38
Cable  3 x 27 – 38
A 180
B 75
C 125
D 15.5
E 63
F 12
G 35
H 16.5
* Dimensions in mm

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CABLE CLAMP TRIPLE 27 - 38 Datasheet

For additional technical details about the CABLE CLAMP TRIPLE 27 - 38 please refer to the product datasheet.