Burg Wächter Large Key Cabinet – Up to 3000 Hooks

Sterling Heavy Duty Key Cabinets Double Door

SKU: KC200HL, KC300HL, KC400HL

The key racks in this range feature a robust telescopic pull-out mechanism, allowing for easy access and convenient storage of your keys. Each model comes with a key register card, enabling you to keep track of your keys efficiently. The range includes two sizes: Models 1000 and 2000, which are equipped with five pull-outs, and Models 1500 and 3000, which boast eight pull-outs for increased capacity. All models are finished in a sleek, light grey colour that complements any office or workspace decor.

The dimensions of the models are as follows:

  • Model 6900/3000: 170cm H x 80cm W x 42cm D, accommodating up to 3000 hooks
  • Model 6900/1500: 85cm H x 78cm W x 42cm D, with a capacity of 1500 hooks
  • Model 6900/2000: 170cm H x 60cm W x 42cm D, holding up to 2000 hooks
  • Model 6900/1000: 85cm H x 50cm W x 42cm D, with a capacity of 1000 hooks

The key racks in this collection offer an adjustable design, ensuring that you can customise the configuration to suit your specific requirements.

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