BSD Cooling Vest

SKU: 46300

The BSD COOLING VEST, offered in sizes ranging from S to XXL, operates on the principle of human thermoregulation which utilises water evaporation to stabilize body temperature. This vest features an advanced textile fabric that absorbs water, thereby ensuring both the wearer’s body and clothing remain dry. The cooling impact of the vest is maintained for up to 20 hours, significantly boosting focus, productivity, and reducing the risks of heat-induced stress and fatigue. The vest is designed to be versatile, suitable for wearing either under or over regular clothing, as well as beneath personal protective equipment (PPE). It requires a brief “charging” period of just one minute with water to activate its cooling properties.

Key Features:

  • A design that mimics the body’s natural cooling process through evaporation.
  • Special functional textile that absorbs water while keeping the body and outer garments dry.
  • Prolonged cooling effect lasting up to 20 hours, functioning optimally at standard temperature ranges (approximately 28-32°C).
  • Promotes increased concentration and productivity.
  • Helps in reducing heat-related stress and exhaustion.
  • Quick and easy activation, needing only a one-minute immersion in water.
  • Compatible with wearing under regular clothes or PPE.

Available in Navy colour and sizes S through XXL, this vest is an innovative solution to enhance comfort and efficiency in warm conditions.

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