Bonded Semi-Con Removal Tool

Bonded Semi-Con Removal Tool - MF1+-25

Bonded Semi-Con Removal Tool

SKU: MF1+/25

The MF1+/25 is a tool that enables the user to shave the bonded semiconductor at the desired length with a chamfer on the semiconductor cutback. Stylus in option score the peelable semiconductor or chamfer the insulation. Silicone required for non peelable semiconductor

Product Benefits:

  • Smooth finishing over insulation
  • Sliding thrust embeded in the tool to set semiconductor remaining length
  • Fine tuning of blade with a ‘click’ for each 1/10 mm

Tool Capacity:

  • Diameter: 14 – 44 mm
  • Thickness capacity: 0,4-1,4 mm
  • Angle of the chamfer on the semiconductor: 14,5°
  • Remaining length of the semiconductor: 25-30-40-45 mm

Tool Dimensions:
Length: 190 mm, Width 85 mm, Height 125 mm

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