Megger (Programma) ODEN A/2S Primary Current Injection Tester (400V)

Megger (Programma) ODEN A/2S Primary Current Injection Tester (400V)

SKU: BH-34012

The Megger (Programma) ODEN A/2S Primary Current Injection Tester, operating at 400V, is a sophisticated and highly capable instrument designed for the rigorous testing and calibration of electrical protection equipment. This advanced tester is indispensable for professionals tasked with ensuring the optimal performance and safety of electrical systems, particularly within the realms of utility companies, industrial settings, and specialized electrical maintenance firms.

At the core of the ODEN A/2S’s functionality is its ability to generate high currents, making it ideally suited for primary injection testing of protective relays, circuit breakers, and other crucial electrical components. This capability allows for the simulation of fault conditions under controlled parameters, thereby facilitating the precise calibration and verification of the operational integrity of electrical protection systems.

The design of the Megger ODEN A/2S is focused on user safety, accuracy, and ease of use. It features a robust, portable construction that can withstand the demanding conditions of fieldwork, ensuring reliability and durability. The tester is also equipped with precision controls and an intuitive interface, allowing technicians to easily set up and execute tests with high levels of accuracy and repeatability.

One of the standout attributes of this tester is its versatility. The ODEN A/2S can accommodate a wide range of testing scenarios thanks to its adjustable output settings and the inclusion of multiple testing modes. This flexibility ensures that it can be effectively used across a variety of electrical components and systems, making it a versatile tool in the arsenal of electrical testing professionals.

Furthermore, the Megger (Programma) ODEN A/2S integrates advanced safety features to protect the operator and the equipment under test. These include overcurrent protection and emergency stop functions, which contribute to a safer testing environment.

For electrical professionals seeking a comprehensive solution for primary current injection testing, the Megger (Programma) ODEN A/2S Primary Current Injection Tester represents a cutting-edge option. Combining high-performance testing capabilities with user-centric design and safety features, it stands as an essential piece of equipment for maintaining and ensuring the reliability of electrical protection systems.

Megger ODEN A/2S data sheet

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Megger (Programma) ODEN A/2S Primary Current Injection Tester (400V) Datasheet

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Megger (Programma) ODEN A/2S Primary Current Injection Tester (400V) User Manual

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