Megger (Programma) CSU 600A Current Supply Unit

Megger (Programma) CSU 600A Current Supply Unit

SKU: BF-12290

Programma CSU600A – Current Supply Unit – CSU600A and CSU600AT supply units have two main fields of application. The first is to conduct primary tests on protective relays.

Megger_CSU600A_data sheetThe Megger (Programma) CSU 600A High Current Supply Unit is used to conduct primary tests on protective relays and to conduct current tests on low-voltage circuit breakers and overcurrent devices.  A primary test shows whether all parts of the protection system are functioning together properly within the specified time limits under operating conditions. 

The Megger (Programma) CSU600A  is a compact instrument which, together with Timer TM200T and an external ammeter, meets stringent requirements for accuracy, easy handling and performance. The CSU600AT Current Supply Unit provides a more comprehensive solution.

Megger (Programma) CSU 600A benefits

  • Performance and turn-ratio tests of current transformers
  • Primary tests of protective relays
  • Current tests on low- and high-voltage circuit breakers and
  • Commissioning tests that require variable currents
  • Compact and rugged
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Broad application range
  • Excellent weight/performance ratio

Megger (Programma) CSU 600A kit contents

  • Cable set GA-05052
  • Transport case GD-00182

Megger CSU600A data sheet

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Megger (Programma) CSU 600A Current Supply Unit Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Megger (Programma) CSU 600A Current Supply Unit please refer to the product datasheet.