Megger MOM2 Hand-held 200A Micro-ohmmeter

Megger MOM2 Hand-held 200A Micro-ohmmeter

SKU: BD-59092

The MOM2 is a portable micro-ohmmeter manufactured by Megger that enables accurate low-resistance measurement of connections in switchgear, busbars and other high-power assets.

This advanced handheld tool utilises the 4-wire Kelvin principle to evaluate resistances down to 1 micro-ohm. The 200A test current facilitates testing of heavy conductor components like intrigued busbar joints and compressed cable terminations across installations.

Weighing just 2.6Kg with its rechargeable Li-ion battery, the MOM2 delivers necessary portability for substation and electrical room applications. Key capabilities include:

  • Measuring resistance from 1μΩ through to 2,000Ω
  • 200Adc test current output for large conductors
  • Rechargeable battery for 8 hours continual field operation
  • Backlit screen giving clear results readout
  • Bluetooth and USB for data logging and transfer

The device ships standard with a set of heavy duty test leads, detachable magnetic straps, USB cable and charger. Intuitive menu navigation and setup requires no specialist training.

With data logging functionality and asset maintenance report creation powered by Megger’s PowerDB Lite software, the handheld MOM2 simplifies necessary electrical resistance recording, analysis and diagnosis – helping optimize power system maintenance practices.

The durable and portable MOM2 micro-ohmmeter enables vital low-resistance continuity testing across vital network components; assisting engineers detect loose connections, corrosion and other issues threatening power asset integrity.

Megger MOM2 data sheet

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Megger MOM2 Hand-held 200A Micro-ohmmeter Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Megger MOM2 Hand-held 200A Micro-ohmmeter please refer to the product datasheet.