Armorgard PowerStation LS PWS6

Armorgard PowerStation LS PWS6

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The Armorgard PowerStation LS PWS10 is perfect for charging your power tools or phone on-site and protecting them from thieves. That’s why we want you to use the PowerStation and feel confident that your valuables won’t be stolen while unsupervised.

The PowerStation allows you to feel confident that your valuable electronics won?t be stolen while unsupervised. Your electronics will also be charging while you?re away.

? Secure powered locker for segregated batterycharging.
? Perforated doors for visibility and ventilation.
? Ten separate compartments with individual camlocks, each provided with 2 keys.
? Each compartment contains a 230v double socket.
? Finished in an anti-bacterial powder coat.


Weight (kg)

External Dimensions W x D x H (mm)
300 x 460 x 1715

Internal Dimensions W x D x H (mm)
Single Locker: 300 x 385 x 315

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