Armorgard FittingStor

Armorgard FittingStor


The high value of copper fittings and cabling means that theft is on the rise, with criminals targeting construction sites on a daily basis. Don?t make it easy for them! FittingStorTM is designed to secure all of your costly M&E components and tools in one safe, easily portable location.

Copper fittings are expensive, so theft is always a possibility. It can be easy for thieves to find your construction site with all the expensive M&E gear they keep onsite. FittingStorTM is designed to make sure none of it is missing when you leave at the end of the day. The FittingStorTM is easily portable. 

? Ultra tough cabinets designed for storing fittings andmaterials.
? Keyed alike 5-lever deadlocks
? Complete with three removable shelves withadjustable dividers
to create compartments
? Fork lift skids on the base with fitted castors to makeit a mobile
? Heavy-duty doors with fixed hinges and secludedanti-jemmy
? Storage compartment in the base for larger tools andequipment
? FittingStor is ideal for storing copper parts andmechanical
components, keeping them secure

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