Arcflash Protective Switching Suit, ATPV 100 cal/cm²

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Three piece ArcFlash Protective Switching Suit, HRC 4, ATPV 100 cal/cm². Switching suit includes a long jacket with bib, brace trousers and full hood. The ATPV rating is indicated on all garments.

Jacket: 88cm Long jacket (Medium) with flame resistant (FR) zip, FR velcro front closure and FR knitted cuffs.
Trousers: Bib & brace trousers with adjustable leg openings.
Gloves (optional): Fabric gloves of same material composition, ATPV 100 cal/cm².

Colour: Olive

Size: S – 5XL

Fabric: Layered 773 g/m²
Outer: Para aramid, CF, Novoloid
Middle: Para aramid, Melamine
Inner: Melamine, Meta aramid
Thread: Nomex®
Cuff: FR Cotton/Nylon/Spandex

Applications: Electrical industry

Hazard Assessment: Thermal effects from arc flash

ArcFlash Protective Suit, ATPV 100 cal/cm² Features:

  • Lightest 100 cal/cm² suit available on the world market!
  • Guaranteed flame resistant for the life of the garment.
  • Water washable at home or in industrial laundries.
  • Designed to interface with the Survive-ARC® work wear and accessories range.
  • Optional: large heavy duty carry bag or back pack for Survive-ARC® protective clothing and accessories.

Fabric : NFPA 70E; IEC 61482-1-1 ; ASTM F1959 ; ASTM F1506 ; SANS 724: 2010 Garment : ASTM F2621 ; SANS 724 ; CE 0339. ATPV¹: 100 cal/cm² HAF²: 97 %

Comments: Warning!
Electrical industry: Arc flash clothing protects from thermal effects of arc flash only. This product must form part of an appropriate set of PPE to protect against the hazards of arc flash.
¹ ATPV: Arc Thermal Performance Value. The higher the value, the more insulated one is from second degree burn.
2 HAF: Heat Attenuation Factor. The higher the HAF%, the more heat is blocked by the fabric.

Arc flash Protective Suit, ATPV 100 cal/cm² Datasheet

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Arcflash Protective Switching Suit, ATPV 100 cal/cm² Datasheet

For additional technical details about the please refer to the product datasheet. Please note that you would need PDF reader to open the file.