Arc Rated Knitted Gloves 12.1 cal/cm²

Arc Rated Knitted gloves|Survive Arc - Arc Rated Knitted Gloves 12.1 cal/cm²

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These Arc Rated Knitted Gloves deliver an HRC 2 level of safety with an ATPV value of 12 cal/cm². They are designed to be both lightweight and highly dexterous, available in shades of light grey and navy blue. These gloves are ideal for the electrical industry, serving not only as standalone protective gloves but also as liners underneath voltage-rated gloves to enhance comfort and protection. They are crafted from soft, flexible materials which maximise comfort and minimise hand fatigue during prolonged use. Furthermore, their excellent breathability helps in managing sweat and moisture, and they are easily maintainable due to being water-washable.

Product Details:

  • Colour Options: Light Grey and Navy Blue
  • Available Sizes: S to XL
  • Material: UltraSoft rib knit, 220 g/m²
  • Standards Met: ASTM F1506; ASTM F1959; NFPA 70E; OSHA 1910.269; EN 340; EN ISO: 11612; IEC 61482-1-1 & OEKO TEX STD. 100
  • ATPV Rating: 12.1 cal/cm²
  • HAF: 81.6%
  • Ideal Usage: Workwear for the electrical industry

Features of the Arc Rated Knitted Gloves:

  • Dual capability as both standalone gloves and liners under voltage-rated gloves, offering increased versatility.
  • The composition of the gloves ensures softness and flexibility, aiding in the reduction of hand fatigue and ensuring ongoing comfort.
  • Optimal breathability to effectively absorb sweat and moisture.
  • Designed to be water-washable for straightforward maintenance.

These gloves provide robust protection and are an essential item of workwear for professionals in the electrical industry, designed to meet stringent safety standards.

ArcFlash Arc Rated Knitted Gloves 12.1 cal/cm² Datasheet

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Arc Rated Knitted Gloves 12.1 cal/cm² Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Arc Rated Knitted Gloves 12.1 cal/cm² please refer to the product datasheet.