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The Apliweld? Secure+ offers efficient and cost-effective results with its innovative tablet format and electronic ignition, ensuring reliable and long-lasting connections while reducing labor risks and increasing safety.

The innovative tablet format of Apliweld? Secure+ and the electronic ignition offers efficient results, saving costs and providing an extra in safety.

Perfect bonds
The exothermic welding Apliweld? Secure+ is the best mode to make permanent, reliable and high conductivity connections in every installation that requires earthing connection. The molecular union, not only mechanic, ensures the connection during the lifetime of the building in a well-defined process.

Cost saving
The unique tablet format of the Apliweld? Secure+ for any type of connection, it reduces logistics costs, minimizes errors and preparation times and increases the efficiency of the process, even in windy or humid weather conditions.

Reduces labour risks
Apliweld? Secure+ guarantees more security thanks to the wireless electronic ignition, now even via wireless control with Bluetooth activation and the use of non-flammable material for ignition. The electronic remote ignition is officially recommended by international labor entities. The products that form the Apliweld? Secure+ are:

Apliweld? ? T: Composed of universal welding in tablets.
Apliweld? ? E: electronic initiators.
Apliweld? KIT ? E: Electronic ignition equipment.

Apliweld? Secure+ Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Apliweld? Secure+ please refer to the product datasheet.

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