APLIROD® Dynamic Electrode


SKU: AT-012H

The APLIROD® Dynamic Electrode is innovatively designed to enhance the performance of earthing systems by addressing the issue of ion deficiency in the soil. This system features a 54mm copper electrode in an L-shaped configuration (1 + 2 m), and it is complemented by a clamp (AT-020F) along with two 25kg bags of APLIFILL®. The core functionality of the APLIROD® revolves around its ability to improve ground conductivity through the gradual release of free ions from a specialised ionic compound mixture within the electrode. This process is supported by a moisture condenser, which captures environmental moisture and redistributes it into the soil, thereby boosting the ion contribution and effectively reducing soil resistivity.

Key aspects:

  • Horizontal L-shaped configuration, measuring 1 + 2 m with a diameter of 54 mm.
  • Comes with an AT-020F clamp and two 25kg bags of APLIFILL®.
  • Designed to combat the detrimental effects of ion scarcity in the soil on earthing system efficiency.
  • Contains a copper electrode filled with an ionic compound mixture that facilitates the controlled release of ions.
  • Incorporates a moisture condenser that absorbs and redistributes environmental moisture, enhancing soil conductivity by adding free ions and subsequently lowering resistivity.

This system proves essential for ensuring the reliability and effectiveness of earthing systems, particularly in environments where ion deficiency is prevalent.

APLIROD® Dynamic Electrode Datasheet

For additional technical details about the APLIROD® Dynamic Electrode please refer to the product datasheet.